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The Colors of Friendship by K R Raye @KRRaye #Contemporary #AmReading #GoodReads

Kevin and Church 

Mass dismissed at 11:30 on the dot according to Melody’s watch.  A smattering of locals, students, and a few teachers strolled out of the small, hundred-year old chapel, some stopping to greet the gregarious priest.  Kevin linked arms with her and joined the line to exchange pleasantries with the priest before they headed towards the Union.

Walking along, Melody inhaled the scent of wood-burning fireplaces that wafted through the air.  The sky sparkled a clear, deep blue and the air blew fresh with a playful bite.  All of the colors gleamed brighter, sharper.  Her senses seemed alive for the first time.  Falling fast into a magical fantasyland, she clasped Kevin’s arm to ensure he was real.

Kevin smiled and patted her hand.  “Say, since we already graced the Union with our presence last night, do you want to venture someplace new?”

She couldn’t care less where they went.  “Anywhere you want to go is fine.”

His smile brightened like a glorious ray of sunshine as he winked.  “Hmm, want to take the campus bus into town?  We could get something by the movie theater.”

“Sounds perfect.”  Emotions bubbled within and Melody fought to catch her breath as her stomach filled with butterflies.

“Anything wrong?”

Kevin’s concern warmed her entire body until she blushed.  “No.  Well, actually, my roommate, Imani, told me to take it slow.  But you keep doing something to me.”


“Yes, you!”  She gave his arm a light pinch.  “You have me acting like a silly schoolgirl and I feel totally ridiculous.”

“The only ridiculous thing would be if I didn’t kiss you right now.”  Kevin stopped smack dab in the middle of the path.  Gathering her in his arms, he kissed her slow and sweet, right in the middle of everyone walking past.  Afterwards, he grinned, hooked her arm, and resumed walking.  “I think we’re both doing something to each other.”

Melody continued too shocked to respond.  Her feet moved of their own volition because she couldn’t feel her limbs.  Just her lips, still warm from the kiss.  She had no idea how they made it to the bus stop.

Soon one of the many campus buses arrived with its bright navy and gold stripes, and they boarded it taking a seat in the middle.

Moments later she felt Kevin running his fingers through her hair.  “You know you are so amazingly beautiful.”  His hot, minty-fresh breath so close to her ear, sent soft, sexy shivers down her spine.  “I can’t believe I was lucky enough to bump into you.”

“The luck was all mine,” she replied, her voice no louder than a whisper.  Her head nestled on Kevin’s shoulder while he stroked her hair.

The bus traveled its way ten minutes into downtown, stopping here and there to deposit and gather students.  At the mall stop, Kevin led her off the bus.  They wandered into the food court where she expected them to grab a burger or a slice of pizza.  But Kevin surprised her and headed to the two restaurants at the end of the concourse.

“This one sound appealing to you?” he asked pointing to Chili’s.

“Sounds lovely, although I wasn’t expecting all of this.”

“Only the best for you, my dear,” he said leading her inside.

The hostess seated them in a cozy corner.

“What looks good to you?” Kevin asked a minute later as they perused the menus.

“Hmm, the Chicken Salad, Shrimp Alfredo, or the Country-Fried Steak.  What about you?”

The waitress appeared.  “Are you ready to order?”

“If the lady doesn’t mind, I’d like to order for both of us now.”

That took Melody aback.  Never had anyone ordered for her before.  She had always dreamed how romantic it would be for a guy to know her well enough to select her dish.  “That sounds great,” she said with a grateful smile, watching chivalry in action.

“Wonderful!”  Kevin returned her smile then addressed the waitress, “I’ll have the Country-Fried Steak and she will have the Shrimp Alfredo, please.”

The waitress scribbled down their order, “and for drinks?”

“A Coca-Cola for me and an iced tea for her.”

“Great, thanks.  I’ll put your order in now.”  The waitress took their menus and left.

“Wow, this is so exciting!”  Melody beamed, straining to contain her overflowing emotions.  First, church, then the public kiss, the romantic bus ride, this surprise nice meal, and now Kevin ordering her meal.  What other surprises did Kevin have in store?

Colors of Friendship

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