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Author Interview – Kelly Lowe

What motivated me to write my book? Although I have never considered myself to be a writer per se, I had always felt that I had something inside me that I wanted to share. I knew that I wanted to write a book to share my story some day. I just didn’t know when that day would be.

When my husband and I moved to the beach in 2002 I thought life would slow down and  it would be the perfect location to start my book.  But, life continued to be busy and there never seemed to be enough time or the right time to start writing it.

Then in 2010 my husband was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.  After a very invasive surgery he faced the onset of lengthy chemotherapy treatment. I knew that this would definitely slow our lives down.  So I decided to take this time to throw myself into my writing.

As I began the process, I realized that I had actually been writing all of my life.  As a child I kept a diary and as I grew up I continued writing, only now it was called journaling. I wrote about my loves and heartbreaks and my travels, and when I started studying astrology I wrote about my observations of how the movement of planets impacted my life. After years of observing life in action and journaling about it, I knew what course the direction of my book was going to take.

How did you come to find an editor and publisher for your book? As luck or the “stars” would have it, after I starting writing a friend of mine who knew that I was looking for help sent me an email about a “writers workshop” that was taking place the next day.  So I cleared my schedule and went to the workshop, which changed my life.

This is where I met Gary Broughman, with CHB Media.  Since I am an astrologer by profession I went up to him after the workshop and privately asked him if he would mind sharing his birth date with me.  I wanted to see if we would be compatible to work together. Fortunately, we were and we enjoyed a very productive working relationship through out the laborious process.

What else do you do to make money, other than write? Although I have come to really enjoy writing, it has always been a means to an end for me.  I am a professional astrological counselor and find writing to be a great tool to teach and share information.  I write a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter/blog and teach astrology workshops.

I work with individuals to  help them plan and prepare for the future, learn more about their relationships, career, the best place or places to live, education, finances, children, parents, travel and their health .

How specifically did you discover your life’s work? There certainly was no plan to it, but as is often the case in life my actions had to do with relationships. I had been married and divorced and after my divorce I was feeling a little lost and alone. I wanted someone new in my life but didn’t want to make any mistakes. That drew me to astrology.  I happened to pick up a book called “Astroscope Compatibility Guide.”  I was looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Wonderful and I thought that astrology might give me some insightful information that would be helpful. As it turned out, it not only gave me insightful information about relationship compatibility, it led me to a life-long study of astrology.  Eventually my avocation became by vocation.

Why do you write? I’ve always enjoyed writing.  When I was younger I can recall keeping a diary which I use to express my feelings.  It was usually about my loves and heartbreaks.  As I got older I kept journals which were usually about my travels and my life experiences.

When I started studying astrology my journaling was directed toward the movement of the planets, especially the lunar cycle’s affect on my life.  It helped me understand why I felt the way I did. For example, I noticed that I was much more moody and emotional when the moon was full.

Then when I became a professional astrologer my writing became a teaching tool to share information about how the movements of the planets impact all of us living on earth.


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Genre – Memoir / Astrology

Rating –PG13

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