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Kim Cano – Why Social Networks Are the Keys to Good Networking

Why Social Networks are the Keys to Good Networking

by Kim Cano

*At first I was reluctant to get involved with any form of social networking, being reclusive and all, but as a new author thought I’d better do it. Twitter was the easiest to figure out, and they have a nice little tutorial that shows you what to do. Facebook was confusing because you have your personal page and author fan page, but just like anything else, the more time you spend on it, the easier it gets to use.

Once I took the social media plunge, I discovered there were so many benefits. I met an author friend and her and I chat and exchange marketing ideas all the time. Much better than bending your poor family and friend’s ears on a topic that’s of no interest to them. I’ve connected with readers on Twitter, and I have to say it feels amazing to have someone write you and say they liked your book. One woman told me she got it for her birthday and loved it. I’ve also met fellow animal activists from around the globe and made a variety of new friends.

I also met my writing mentor through an author group I belong to, and reading his books and following his advice has been really helpful.

After meeting a lady on twitter, and chatting with her, she invited me to be a guest on her blog. A reviewer I met gave me a wonderful review for my first book and posted it on her website. I could go on and on with examples like that. There are so many reasons to use social media, whether you’re traditionally published or Indie. Just jump in and do it. You’ll be glad you got started.

And speaking of getting started. Don’t wait until your first book comes out, like I did. Sign up and begin networking now, that way you’ll know more people and potential readers when your book launches.

On a cold Valentine’s Day in Chicago, Amy White, a young widow who lost her husband to cancer, visits the cemetery and makes an unsettling discovery: a bouquet of fresh daffodils lying in front of her husband’s grave.

Curiosity grows into obsession as Amy searches for the stranger who left the flowers, while keeping her activities a secret from her live-in mother and seven-year-old son. The search leads to an unusual friendship that transforms her world and redefines her life.

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Genre – Women’s Fiction

Rating – PG

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