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#Excerpt #Adventure - The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo by Holy Ghost Writer @sultanofsalem

Dantes flinches at those words; he knows he still struggles to overcome many of the feelings he has experienced in the past, including anger and jealousy. It seems that no matter what he does, he cannot completely expunge that negativity and the lust to destroy those who would harm him that still lives deep in his heart.
“Forgive me, Highest Father,” he cries, bowing his head to the ground. “I will find a new way of living through faith and servitude, I promise this.”
Elohim’s voice falls silent, and Lady Wisdom’s voice follows next. She comforts him.
“My son,” she starts, “you have seen more in your lifetime than some men would see in ten lifetimes. Use these experiences to learn, and look back on them not to chastise your innate nature for mistakes, but to grow going forward. That is the true basis of wisdom.”
Sitting in the sand under a tree and talking to her helps release the bad memories he has, including his tenacious feelings of revenge and remorse.
“I have seen much, Mother,” he says. “And I have traveled far. You are right; I should use those experiences to better the lives of those around me—to bring meaning to the world.”
“You are on the right path,” she says. “And you must ask yourself—is this roaming through the world truly what you want? Is there not more you need to accomplish than entertaining townspeople?”
“I have the will,” he says, “but not the way—what guidance can you offer me? What should I put my hand to? Whatever it is, I am sure I will not fail.”
“Your purpose will be revealed to you in time,” says Mother Wisdom. “For now, you must wait. If you are patient and have faith in me, I will lead you to your destiny.”
Holy Ghost Writer
The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a continuation of The Count of Monte Cristo (Book I), related through the voice of Sherlock Holmes and The Sultan of Monte Cristo (Book II). It includes exhilarating new adventures, characters, and ideas, carrying the reader past book I and II and into book III of an ever-expanding new series based on the classic.
Those who have already had the pleasure of reading The Sultan of Monte Cristo will certainly appreciate the unique way in which the Holy Ghost Writer has expanded the original story without the help of anyone (except perhaps from the ghosts of Dumas and Doyle).
In addition to comprising a 3rd sequel to The Count of Monte Cristo, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo serves as a prequel to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
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Genre – Action, Adventure
Rating – PG-15
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