Rachel Thompson

Ruined by Rachel Hanna @RachelHannaBook

Chapter 3

I make my way back home, and my mother is in the living room doing one of her many workout DVDs. She has a better figure than I do, although Bruce has allowed her to have some "procedures" done to help that along. He doesn't seem to push her, but I think he enjoys having arm candy to wear to parties and such.

"Hi, sweetie. How was your first day of college?" my Mom says from the living room as she squats and lunges making all manner of grunting noises.

"It's school, Mom. How well could it go?" I mumble, hungry from my walk up the hot coastline. "Do we have anything to eat in this house?" I ask as Carmelita walks into the kitchen. A short, portly Guatemalan woman, Carmelita is probably my favorite person in this house because she's real.

"Hola, Miss Blake," she says with her bright smile. The beach life has only made Carmelita darker, and her teeth look like pearls when she smiles. "You hungry?"

"Starving," I say with my head firmly planted in the refrigerator. I'm mainly sticking it in there to cool off, but Carmelita is having none of it as she swats my rear end to move me out of the way.

"I make you a sandwich?" she says with a question mark at the end of her sentence.

"Please," I say, still uncomfortable with having someone wait on me in my own house. But, when in Rome...

It's around one thirty in the afternoon, and I can almost hear the clock ticking the countdown to my coffee date with Reed Miller. I guess I shouldn't call it a date since I am looking to get an internship from him. He would be my superior, and that conjures up some images in my mind that shouldn't be there. Handcuffs and tie straps pop into my head, reminding me that I might have been reading one too many erotic romance novels over the summer.

"Here you go," Carmelita says, handing me a plate with a club sandwich and some chips. I shove a chip into my mouth, groan with pleasure and nod.

"Thank you, Carmelita," I say through chews, which is terrible etiquette but I don't care. I slide into a chair at the breakfast bar, wolf down the sandwich and a Coke, and run upstairs to change for my coffee date with Reed. I like how that sounds. Coffee date with Reed. Yeah, I've got to get out more if one hunky guy makes me want to start writing his name all over my notebook.



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Genre - New  Adult Romance

Rating – R

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