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Chris Myers – Dos and don’ts of critique groups @CMyersFiction

Dos and don’ts of critique groups
1. Always start with the positive.

2. Always end on a positive note.

3. Do be honest but tactful.

4. Ensure you are using proper English. The Chicago Manual of Style is an excellent reference book used by professional editors.

5. Ensure your work is fairly clean grammar-wise before submitting.

6. Focus on craft for a critique.

a. Goal/Motivation/Conflict.
b. Ensure each scene advances the plot.
c. Character arc.
d. Escalating plot.

7. Don’t nitpick. Make your point and move on.

8. Offer to brainstorm with your critique partners.

9. Don’t stay in a group that is overly critical. Writing is subjective.

10. Do look for other critiquers who take their craft seriously and are trying to get published.


Date with the Dead

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