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Why Blogging Is Important? – Christoph Paul @ChristophPaul_

Why Blogging Is Important?

Why is it not important? That would be a better question. If you are not blogging I would recommend you stop reading this and go start blogging…ok, maybe you should finish this first.

Blogging was my salvation and way to get my swag back as a writer. I know writers who talk all this stuff about branding and business stuff, and yeah that is important but that is not what bogging is about for me. Blogging is really important for me to improve my craft of writing; I know that will make a lot of literary writers cringe but it is a way to always be writing.  If you write a failed novel (which I have) the best way to get your confidence back is by blogging. It is like the minor league of writing but hey there is nothing wrong with training camp.

Blogging is also a way to have fun and experiment, what you might not be able to do for a publication. You can just say what is on your mind and not worry. It is your word playground.

I have a weird view of writing; it is very sacred almost spiritual to me yet I see it like a muscle and know I must do all types of ‘exercises’ to be a strong writer. It is very much like going to the gym and feeling good after a good work out.

Blogging is for you; forget about an audience. It is your territory, you can write whatever you want. You can’t be indulgent when writing your book, but you can when blogging. It is not about publishing or marketing, and any of that crap it is about having a place test things out. It’s an open mic for writers.

Blogging should be like a punk rock show, it shouldn’t be or doesn’t have to perfect but it should fun. Blogging is practice for the big game, it is a way to keep you sharp and it is one of the few ways to procrastinate while being productive. There have been times I have not wanted to work on a project so I blogged instead. It got me in a groove and I went back to that project and took care of business.

I have three books out and two on there way, but I still blog a lot, hell my first book was really a bunch of blog posts that got revised into a solid comedy collection. Blogging feeds my writing and vice versa and it is a place to put rejected work that should have a home. I had a short that I thought was pretty good but it got rejected. So I put up on my blog.

I think in the end writers shy away from the blogging because of the freedom of it. It can be an overwhelming thing, to get all Dostoevsky ‘all can be permitted’. It is true you can do whatever you want but if you embrace that freedom and harness it you can end up not just writing blog posts but creating art.

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