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Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis @becalewis

Chapter Two: Principles of
The Shift®

The 1st Step To Shift—Be Willing.

He who would may reach the utmost height, but he must be eager to learn.


Are you willing to be aware of the abundance, in all its forms, that already is present? Are you willing to let go of the beliefs that hold you and bind you to a sense of lack? Are you willing to become what you are meant to be? Are you willing to be worthy?

The single most important key to The Shift to Spiritual Perception is the first step of Being Willing. There is no way around this first step. Being Willing cannot be forced on anyone or faked.

Being Willing involves every moment and every thought. It includes being willing to let go, willing to do what is asked, willing to be open, willing to set boundaries, willing to have no desires, willing to have everything, willing to follow inspiration, willing to wake up, willing to stop hurting, willing to be happy, willing to not be liked, willing to be loved, willing to let Truth be the one and only guide—all these are examples of willing.

We must be willing for anything to happen. If we are not willing, nothing will ever be accomplished. We will either not start, or we will sabotage the effort. To be willing we must yield and let go of our own ego and our thoughts of how it ought to be. If we are going to move to an unlimited Reality, we must desire to see the Truth, no matter what the cost to our cherished beliefs.

This willingness is not about applying human will. Any time we force an issue by using the human ego and will, we are heading down a path that will eventually bring trouble. Although it may accomplish the immediate purpose, we have lost the larger goal of moving towards unlimited abundance and Truth. It is our human perception of ourselves that has limited us in the first place. Human will carries us only so far before letting us down. Human will blinds us to what is true. Our desire is to be willing, not willful.

The process of Shifting is the preparing of the human mind to consent. Our task is to teach our mind with logic and love to let go. We are not attempting to make our small minds better. We are in the process of asking our human mind our—self-perception, our personality, the voice inside who says “this is me”—to step aside and yield to the larger unlimited Mind. We do not change our minds; we release them. We learn to yield to a full and loving picture. This picture benefits all it touches. Our own small picture will usually benefit only us.

Being willing also applies to how we deal with others. We cannot force other people into anything unless they are willing. Think of all the heartache we would save ourselves and those we love by simply noticing whether they are willing to do whatever we are asking them to do, and if they’re not, by letting them work it out in their own way. All we can do for those we love is to provide a place where they feel it is safe to be willing.

Cross the cow gate.

Our willingness lies in our ability to step past our fears. In the movie Camilla, Jessica Tandy plays the role of a woman who has a chance to step forward into a life that she has dreamed of for years. Since she had originally come from the country, she describes a cow gate as an obstacle that keeps the cows from wandering out of the pasture. It is not really a gate and there is no fence, just boards laid into the road. The cows, not liking the feel of the boards, will not cross this gate even though there is nothing really keeping them in. By the end of the film, she does step through her personal cow gate into her new life.

What keeps us in our unfenced pasture and not moving on to our dreams are things we think we do not like to “step over,” or things we do not want to do. It could be as simple as not wanting to make a phone call. It is not the large things or actions that keep us from our dreams; it is the small things that we are not willing to do that impede our progress. Once we are willing to move to unlimited reality, either these little things melt away or we gain the courage to cross over the willingness threshold into an unlimited life that has always been awaiting our return.

There is neither an end nor a beginning to Being Willing. It is the constant conscious yielding to Truth, which is Heaven here and now.

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

—Will Rogers

Living In Grace

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